10 Spiritual Dream Meaning About Tarot Cards

tarot card dream meaning

If you’re at a crossroads and need some guidance but aren’t sure where to turn, consulting a fortune teller may be the way to go. Dreams about reading Tarot cards are a warning sign of self-doubt.

What happens next and what kind of tarot card it was both play a role in the reading of your dream and its interpretation in your waking life.

Dream reading Tarot card

If the tarot card you picked was one that portends good fortune, then your dream analysis would suggest that your fortunes are improving. If you shuffled the tarot cards with precision, it portends success and a turning point in your life.

If you have a dream in which you discard tarot cards that you no longer want, it’s a good sign that your fortune is improving.

Tarot card dream interpretation – Basic meanings of tarot cards

For those unfamiliar with Tarot cards, the dream interpretation can be challenging due to the fact that each card has its own meaning, and the upright and reversed positions often have different meanings.

However, those who are addicted to tarot cards can become quite dependent on them. They will start using the cards to help them make more informed decisions.

The interpretation and significance of Tarot cards in a dream session are identical to those in a waking life reading. As with any omen, if the dream’s literal interpretation is positive, it’s a good omen and vice versa.

With tarot card dreams, it’s best to assume that you’re only dreaming about what you’re doing and the rest is the same as in reality, whereas, with regular dreams, the interpretation depends on the image itself and the impression you get from it.

Dream of buying tarot cards

If you dreamed you were purchasing tarot cards, it’s a good omen that your fortunes are improving.

What this means is that you will be able to put your fears to rest and move forward.

Dream of telling your own fortune with tarot cards

tarot card fortune telling

Your life is at a turning point if you dreamed you could use tarot cards to predict your future. It’s a sign that you’re pondering an important decision, like where to go to school, what job to take, or even whether or not to get married.

You are responsible for your own actions, regardless of the result. We ask that you not second-guess yourself.

The use of tarot cards in a dream is an indication that you are open to misinterpretation from those around you. It will likely be difficult to get to the bottom of this misunderstanding.

Only by calmly explaining the facts and expressing your own views and opinions can you hope to bring about the necessary changes.

Dream of having your fortune read by tarot cards

Having a vivid dream in which you ask someone to read your fortune using tarot cards indicates that you are seeking guidance and confirmation.

There’s a warning in your dreams, too: you’re relying on other people too much.

Your decisions and actions should be your own responsibility. Accept help and advice when you need it, but always keep your independence in mind.

Dream of choosing tarot cards

tarot card choosing

If you picked the sun or star card from your single deck, it is a good omen. It indicates that your luck is improving. It could be interpreted as a sign that all your wishes and desires are about to come true.

If, however, you pick a tarot card depicting a devil or a tower, it’s a bad sign that your luck is on the decline and you should proceed with caution. Keep a close eye out for potential problems and misfortunes, as they seem to be on the rise.

However, it is common practice for tarot cards to be flipped so that their good and bad fortune appear in opposite positions.

Please keep in mind the card you chose and the direction it faces, as some cards, like the Tower, are bad omens in both directions. On the other hand, others, like the Grim Reaper, are bad omens in the positive position but good omens in the negative.

Dream of shuffling tarot cards

If you dreamed you were shuffling tarot cards, it could mean that a major decision was looming over your head. It’s a sign that you’ve reached a significant milestone and are on the verge of taking on a new challenge, but you’re also at a loss as to how to proceed.

Even if you have your doubts now, if the shuffling is as clean as you want it to be, it will result in good outcomes.

If, however, you accidentally knock the deck of tarot cards off the table as you’re shuffling them, your dream fortune-teller predicts that you’ll have a tough time putting your doubts to rest.

Dreaming of throwing away tarot cards

Dreaming that you are discarding tarot cards that you no longer need has a powerful meaning: you are about to leave your doubts behind and take the next step forward with a new heart.

It’s also a sign that your good fortune is improving.

Dream of searching for tarot cards

In a dream, scavenging for tarot cards can represent a desire to find answers to nagging questions.

Dream of receiving tarot cards

According to dream interpretations, receiving a tarot card from a stranger indicates that you will receive their help in your waking life.

If you’re not familiar with the individual, you could feel uncomfortable accepting it. It’s best to approach a potential favor recipient as a friend first if you don’t feel guilty about asking for help.

Dream of arranging tarot cards

You’re on the up-and-up if you can place tarot cards in a specific formation based on how they’re supposed to be read. Although there may be some hesitance, this is indicative of a positive course of events.

If you are unable to arrange the tarot cards as planned, however, this dream interpretation suggests that you would rather discard your current situation than be lost.

If you were forced to arrange the tarot cards in your dream when you didn’t want to, it’s a sign that you’re worried about being at someone else’s mercy in real life.

What is the interpretation of the actual tarot cards and the cards I saw in my dream?

Any tarot card seen in a dream is treated the same as any tarot card seen in waking life. If the card is upright, we take its meaning from its upright position, and if it is upside down, we take its meaning from its upside-down position.

As an illustration, the card of Judgment (20th Major Arcana) in the upright position in a dream can signify rebirth, renewal, or progress.

If you see the same card upside down, however, it indicates that you are not renewed, remain stuck in your ways, and are unrepentant.

The 13th card of the Major Arcana, the Grim Reaper, has a negative meaning when upright (meaning stop, failure, or happening), but a positive meaning when inverted (meaning new development, recovery, or return from a setback).

In the upright position, The Tower, the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana, might signify calamity, trauma, or suffering; in the reverse position, it can be a gloomy recollection of misfortune, misunderstanding, or regret; tread carefully.

What is the state of mind when dreaming of tarot cards?

The desire for guidance or counsel in a dream about tarot cards suggests that the dreamer is feeling lost or at a crossroads.

If you read your own tarot cards in your dream, making a key decision in your life is a good sign.

If you dream that you are discarding a tarot card, it means that you are ready to move forward with a clear head and without any lingering worries, but if you dream that you are seeking a tarot card, it means that you are looking for a way to rid yourself of your uncertainties.

At times of confusion or stress, it can be helpful to just follow the advice of others around you. However, it is your life, therefore you must choose what you value most in order to avoid any regrets down the road.

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