17 Spiritual Dream Meaning of Vase, Jar & Pot

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Jars are considered to be luxury items because they are not required for daily living. Dreams in which you encounter such a jar are seen as portending increased luck, prosperity, and good fortune for the dreamer

. What it means will vary based on how you treat the jar, how you feel about it, and what you think it represents. If you dream about purchasing or receiving a jar, it’s a positive sign that your marriage will be successful.

Dream fortune: A jar

When interpreting dreams for prosperity, seeing a huge, beautiful jar full of cash is a good sign of improved fortune and security.

Given that jars have been around since ancient times, people have attributed financial good fortune to them. Some people today place greater importance on jars for their aesthetic value than on their original use.

Dreaming of an urn/vase – Basic meaning of a vase

People often think of a beautiful jar sitting in an alcove of a mansion when they hear the term “jar,” but in reality, jars were formerly vital kitchen tools for preserving dry goods like grains and condiments.

Maybe it’s because of this association that having a dream in which a jar plays a significant role is a favorable sign, one that portends more financial and general good fortune.

Giving someone an urn in a dream indicates mental calmness, whereas dreaming about placing flowers in an urn/vase portends romantic success. Dreaming about an urn, while odd, is a favorable sign of a change in luck or a new beginning.

If the urn/vase is broken or dropped, though, your luck will begin to diminish.

Dream of buying a jar

A dream in which you purchase an attractive jar from a store portends more luck. The odds of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with or having a kid both go up.

Additionally, money is beneficial, so you may find yourself in possession of some additional cash. Consider buying a lottery ticket if you’ve been on the fence about it. I say, why not take a risk in pursuit of your dreams at a price that won’t bankrupt you?

You will be fortunate, but you may have to accept an outcome that is a little different from what you intended if you buy a jar and then decide you don’t like it.

Dream of breaking a vase

Breaking a jar in a dream represents a decline in your love luck in real life. Your significant other appears to no longer care about you.

Maybe now is the time to end things on your own and go on to someone else.

Dream of expensive, large vases

Seeing vases that cost hundreds of thousands or millions of yen in your dream is a sign that your good fortune is on the increase.

If you dream of good fortune, it means that your work or idea will be well appreciated and will bring you financial success.

Dream of dropping a jar

If you dream that you break a jar because of a slip of the hand or some other reason, your luck will inevitably change for the worst. Please be on guard every day, since it is more likely that anything you say or do can cause friction with others or your significant other.

Dropping a jar without breaking it may allow you to start over if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

If, however, the jar is shattered, the dreamer is implying that the difficulty will be great if the dreamer attempts to pick up the trouble and put it back together.

Dropping the jar on purpose is also a sign that you’re bored with your routine and need some excitement in your life.

Dream of receiving a vase

It is a positive omen to dream that you receive a jar from another person since it indicates that you will be fortunate via the actions of others rather than your own. Whoever handed you the jar will bring you luck if they are a friend or family member.

The dream portends a loss of luck if the jar is chipped or you have a negative image of it. If the jar was given to you by someone you don’t get along with, it portends that they will likely get in the way of your job or studies.

Keep things as they are and don’t start anything new right now because it’s unlikely to go well no matter what you do.

Dream of giving a vase to someone

Giving someone a jar in a dream indicates that you are calm and collected in real life and that you are able to treat others with kindness and consideration.

Dream of selling a jar

A warning: if you dream that you are selling a jar to someone who does not want it, it may be a warning that your good intentions have come across as a sales pitch for compassion rather than genuine generosity.

If, however, the other person in the dream asks you to sell the pot, it’s a good sign that your previous experience will be valued.

A dream that a snake comes out of a jar

Dream fortune-telling implies bad luck when a snake emerges from a jar in response to a snake charmer’s signal, etc. It signifies that an unflattering story about you is getting around without your awareness.

The dream fortune teller advises you to watch what you say and do every day since they are the most likely sources of the negative rumors that have been circulating about you.

Dream of a jar full of money

It’s a good sign that your financial situation may improve soon if you dream about a jar full of cash.

It’s a sign of success in your career and other areas of life, as well as financial security.

Dream of being trapped in a jar

While it may seem like something out of a fairy tale, being caught in a jar in a dream is really a portent of declining prosperity. It’s possible that you’re not connecting with people or that you’re feeling lonely.

It’s best to try to fix things by working hard if you can; if you can’t, it may be best to make a drastic shift to your surroundings. Consider changing careers, gaining independence, or relying on yourself more positively.

Dream of arranging flowers in a vase

A dream fortune that involves you arranging flowers in a vase on your own means that your fortunes are looking up. Your dream fortune suggests that you will have a positive experience with the opposite gender or that your current romantic connection will develop further.

It’s possible that you two can move through with your plans to get married. This dream interpretation is a hopeful sign that you and your spouse will be able to start the kind of family you’ve always wanted after the wedding.

Dream of polishing or cleaning a vase

A dream interpretation of cleaning the interior of a vase or polishing a vase to make it glossy suggests that the dreamer is aware of their own flaws and is working to minimize or eliminate their impact.

It’s good luck if the jar looks like it’s been polished or cleaned recently. If you’ve been working hard, your dream may mean that you’ll soon be able to reap the rewards of your efforts.

On the other hand, if you start polishing the pot and then stop, or if it is still dirty after you’ve finished, it’s a bad omen that your luck will soon start to diminish. Take caution; the implication is that your efforts will be wasted.

Dream of a cinerary urn

Seeing a grand cinerary urn in your dream is a good omen for a change in your fortune. If you’ve been going through a rough patch, this good luck in your dreams implies that things will improve and you’ll be able to start again.

Your good fortune will increase if you take the changes in your environment positively and learn to appreciate them.

Dream of burning pots

An interesting dream in which you see yourself learning to make pottery and firing it in a kiln (kama) is a good omen for the future. Assumes you are making progress at work and have healthy relationships at home.

Having a steady income indicates that your career is flourishing and that you are secure financially. Your good fortune will last for much longer if you keep up the same level of work.

Dream of picking up a jar

An outstanding dream in which you retrieve a jar portends the arrival of a pleasant surprise in your waking life. Meeting someone of the opposing sex or being offered a high-profile job is more likely to occur. A more fortunate outcome will result from optimistic thought and assertive behavior.

If, however, the jar is broken or otherwise unappealing, this portends bad luck in the waking world.

Be extremely cautious, because it may sound nice to state that you are being pampered, but there is a higher likelihood that you will be persuaded by a smooth talker into dealing with unpleasant problems.

Dream of a jar being stolen

A jar in a dream is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. If you dream that someone takes a jar from you, it’s a positive sign that you’ll come into some unexpected money.

Dream of a broken vase/jar

If you break a jar in your dream by hitting it or dropping it, your good fortune will soon fade.

There’s a higher risk that you won’t tell your partner how you feel, that you’ll split up with them, or that you’ll have problems at home.

What is the state of mind when dreaming of a jar?

Dreaming about a jar is typically indicative of improved fortune. If the jar is in good shape or gives you an otherwise favorable impression, you can see it as a positive omen because of the luck or fortune it portends.

Nonetheless, if the jar is damaged in any way, or if you get a negative opinion of it, your good fortune will begin to wane.

It’s also not a good sign if you dream that you or someone else is trapped in a jar full of snakes, or being forced to sell a jar is also a bad omen.

You may be unappreciative or unneeded to others even though you believe you are doing a nice deed. Please be careful in your words and actions on a regular basis so that you do not become a pushy salesman of kindness.

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