14 Spiritual Dream Meaning About Flying

flying dream meaning

Isn’t it shocking and unexpected when something suddenly takes to the air? If you dreamed you were flying, your future holds some surprises.

The luck or misfortune that follows depends on what flies in your dream.

Dream fortune: Flying

Your good fortune and luck will follow you wherever you go if you dream of a little bird soaring through the air. If you dream that a bow and arrow or a beetle flies to you and lands on you, it portends good fortune.

In addition, a dream in which rice is seen flying among other foods is a very fortunate omen that portends a rise in financial fortune that will leave you feeling mentally satiated.

Dreams of flying – Basic meanings

You should always be ready to use your body to catch anything that flies in your direction or to duck out of the way of anything potentially harmful.

As the adage “to make an arrow with white feathers” suggests, to be chosen = to be blessed with good luck.

If a paper aeroplane ever flies in your direction, it’s a sign that someone you know and care about wants to tell you something.

But if a ball, insect, or frog flies toward you, your luck will deteriorate.

Dream of a bow and arrow flying

A dream in which bows and arrows appear out of thin air portends a prosperous future. The better your luck, the more arrows you shoot.

If your dreams come true, you can look forward to a positive review at work and a raise in pay.

Dream of paper aeroplanes flying toward you

flying aeroplane

If you dream that a paper aeroplane is coming at you, it means that someone close to you really wants to share their feelings with you.

Dream of a flying spear

If you dreamt of a spear in the air, it could be a sign that you will be influenced by the opinions and ideas of those around you. If your boss or upper management doesn’t like the way you’ve been doing your job or your salary, they can force you to make significant changes.

Although it may be challenging, you should try to take control of the situation by changing things like your shift schedule or taking on additional employment.

Dream of a ball flying toward you

Having a ball come flying at you in your dream indicates bad luck is on the horizon.

It’s likely that you’ll upset the people around you if you’re careless or make mistakes, so exercise caution.

Dream of a beetle flying toward you

Fortuitous surprises are in your future if a beetle flies toward you in your dreams.

If the flying beetle lands on you, your luck will improve even more.

Dream of flying stones

A dream in which stones suddenly started flying at you is a portent of bad luck. If you were hit by a thrown stone, it’s a sign that you’re feeling jealous or resentful toward the person who threw it.

This dream portends trouble for the dreamer, so exercise extra caution in your waking life if you were struck by a flying stone in your dream.

You’ll be fine if you can do what you did and avoid the flying stone.

Dream of flying insects

If you have a recurring dream in which insects appear, your good fortune is on the decline. It’s a red flag that you’re a risk for trouble. This predisposition is heightened if the flying bug is one that you find particularly offensive.

Although bothersome, such issues appear to be minor issues at best.

While you may run into some messy situations, they are not impossible to fix. Avoid stressing yourself out by thinking too much about it; instead, take it easy.

Dream of birds flying toward you

flying eagle bird

Seeing a bird fly toward you is a sign of good fortune.

Having good fortune come your way is symbolised by a swallow flying toward you. When a bird of any size flies toward you, it portends good fortune in love and marriage.

If, however, a crow flies overhead, this is interpreted as a warning that the family’s financial standing will deteriorate. Please exercise extreme caution because there is a high chance of trouble at home or bad luck for family members, such as injury or poor health.

Dream of flying food

If you dream that food is miraculously appearing in the air, you can expect to have a more fruitful waking life. It indicates a state of mental satisfaction and contentment at the present moment.

If you dream that rice is flying around other foods, like rice balls or rice bales, it’s a good omen that you’ll have enough money to support your intellectual pursuits.

Dream of flying fish

If you dream that fish are swimming toward you from the ocean or a river, it means that your good fortune is on the rise.

This augurs well for your future social standing. The larger the flying fish, the greater your success and social standing will be.

Dream of flying money

If money suddenly starts pouring in, that’s a sign from the dream gods that you’re about to be blessed with some unexpected good fortune in your waking life.

Even if you’ve been having issues or problems for a while, you might be able to resolve them all at once in the not-too-distant future.

Dream of frogs flying toward you

If frogs are flying toward you in your dream, your good fortune is on the decline. Be cautious because now is a prime time for mishaps and difficulties. Increase your vigilance in search of anything out of the ordinary.

Dream interpretations also suggest that you should take extra precautions in the area where the frog landed to avoid injury or illness.

Dream of a flying knife

To dream that someone is throwing a knife at you is a powerful symbol of aggression or hostility.

The dream symbolism of being stabbed by a knife thrown at you by a stranger represents emotional strain and difficulties in your personal relationships.

Dream of a snake flying toward you

Dreams where you are being chased by a snake that you view negatively (as scary or creepy, for example) portend bad fortune. This means that the odds of you running into difficulties are higher than usual.

If, on the other hand, your first thought about a flying snake wasn’t “Eww!”, then good fortune is coming your way. An unexpected windfall of cash or gain is always possible.

What is your state of mind when you dream of flying?

If you dream you are flying, good or bad things can happen. A sign of good fortune is the arrival of a bow and arrow, swallow, or other small bird.

Fish that swim toward you are signs of social advancement, whereas food that flies toward you is a sign of spiritual satisfaction.

If, however, frogs or crows come flying at you, it’s a warning sign of impending bad health or domestic strife.

Even though it seems like everything that happens to you is positive, it’s not. There are positive and negative experiences, and even if there is a negative one, there may be a positive one the following time. Try to keep an optimistic outlook and not let your mind wander to negative possibilities.

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