18 Spiritual Dream Meaning about Coins

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When paying for things or settling accounts, it is still helpful to have small changes on hand even if cashless transactions are becoming increasingly popular. 

When it comes to dream-fortune telling, small change represents a small fortune. The meaning of the phrase is determined not just by the state of the coins but also by what you were doing with them at the time.

Empty change purses are also said to bring good fortune.

Dream fortune, Small change

If you dream about giving or getting spare change, it portends good fortune for you, while dreaming of borrowing indicates the presence of a helpful person. In addition, if you dream about placing coins in a money box/ Piggy bank, it portends a prosperous marriage.

Be aware that if you dream that you are paying with coins, this indicates that your financial situation will worsen as a result of excessive spending.

Dreaming of coins – Basic Meaning

It’s an unusual sensation when making a cash purchase to have a complete roll of coins available. Some people like the extra weight and girth that comes with carrying a change purse full of money.

If you are the type of person who gets genuinely excited by the discovery of a single penny, it is a sign that you have a healthy perspective on the amount of good fortune you do have.

If you dream that pennies/coins are falling, you will be showered with unexpected good fortune, and if you dream that you are counting pennies, your past efforts at work or school will pay off.

Keep in mind, though, that a decrease in luck may be indicated by a coin’s dropping or by the appearance of a fresh new, sparkling coin.

Dream of paying with coins

You probably spend too much money if you use coins instead of bills/notes at the register. Do you, for instance, shop at the closest convenience store even when a slightly farther trip to the nearest supermarket will net you better deals on the same items?

These seemingly insignificant purchases add up over time, indicating a decline in your financial situation. Avoid making sudden financial decisions and give some serious thought to every purchase you make.

Dream of a coin purse

Empty change purses are a sign of good fortune. It’s a sign that prosperity is on your way, whether in the form of a lottery or a raise in pay.

A coin purse full of pennies, on the other hand, is a sign that you have become so accustomed to a low standard of living that you have lost how to be genuinely pleased with even the smallest of gifts.

This type of simple joy may be boring and ordinary, but it’s worth holding onto.

Dream of picking up coins

You are the type of person who can find satisfaction in the smallest of things, and you are content with your life and circumstances if picking up pennies makes you happy.

You should take this as a dream interpretation that you are now exhausted if you did not experience any strong feelings or joy when picking up the money.

The interpretation of your dream suggests that you are feeling lonely and disconnected from others because you lack the resources to have meaningful relationships with others.

Be wary of picking up money in your dream, as this is a reversal dream that represents loss and can lead to unpleasant surprises like unanticipated bills or missing someone.

Dream of receiving coins

If you dream that you are receiving a large number of spare coins from an unknown source, it is a positive sign that your fortunes are about to change for the better.

Since you have such great love luck, you might expect to either meet someone of the opposite sex or strengthen your current romantic connection.

Dream of broken/breaking coins

If your coins start breaking, your luck is on the decline.

It might be an indication of a decline in one’s sense of well-being or confidence.

To dream of borrowing coins

If you dream that you borrow coins from someone, it’s a good omen that your fortunes are about to improve. It’s a sign that you’re in a sticky situation with a helping hand nearby.

This also means that your friendship with the individual who helped you will grow stronger.

Dream of dropping coins

Dreaming that you slide and drop some tiny change, whether it be coins or bills, is a sign that your luck is on the decline.

Take caution, since it’s more likely that your ineffective words and acts, or a brewing temper, may get you into difficulty with the people in your life.

Dream of having a lot of coins

Your desire for greater love and riches is represented in your dream if you were impressed by a big quantity of little coins, not just a few, but dozens or hundreds.

Having a lot of money and still wanting more of it is a sign of mental fortitude and isolation.

Dream of counting pennies

coin count

If you dreamt that you were counting pennies, your dream fortune improved. You have been blessed with a wonderful fortune in your professional and academic endeavors, which indicates well the completion of your efforts thus far.

You will be held in more respect by those close to you, according to your dream fortune.

Dream of receiving change for small change

The dream interpretation of getting a small change in a dream implies that you are receiving affection from those around you and are emotionally full.

If you value spare change, it may mean that you appreciate the affection of those around you.

However, if the dreamer feels unsatisfied with the amount of affection they are receiving from their loved ones, then the dream is interpreted as a symbol of loneliness.

Dream of falling coins

coin falling

Dreaming that coins are raining down on you is a good omen that money will soon be coming your way.

Your dream fortune suggests that there is a growing likelihood of an unexpected resolution to any difficulty you may be experiencing.

Dream of shiny/new coins

Dreaming about brand-new pennies that haven’t yet hit the shelves is a portent of social misfortune.

You should exercise caution since this means that you no longer feel secure in the company of even your closest friends and acquaintances.

Dream of old coins

Seeing antique, impressive pennies from decades past in a dream is a portent of good fortune for the dreamer.

It foretells that enormous fortune and wealth will come your way.

Dream of eating coins

If you had a vivid dream in which you were munching down on pennies, dream interpretation suggests that you’re feeling a little lonely and alienated despite your seemingly perfect existence.

In addition, realize that you’re more likely to cause conflicts in social interactions through your own words and deeds.

Dream of throwing coins

A penny tossed into a fountain or pond is said to grant the desire of the caster. If you dream of tossing coins, it’s a sign that you’re giving some serious thought to how you may best achieve your aspirations.

Tossing coins/pennies back and forth until they land where you want them to is a metaphor for perseverance and not giving up.

Tossing coins high and far also means you have elevated ambitions, according to astrology.

Dropping pennies into the jar

If you have a dream in which you are putting coins into a jar, and the dream is a happy one, it is a positive sign that your marriage will be successful.

Dream of hoarding coins

If you dream that you are storing money in a piggy bank, it is a sign that your self-assurance is dwindling.

Some people also believe that hoarding money is a reflection of a person’s desire to be liked by those closest to them. Don’t just be a patient, mature kid. Why not attempt to be a bit more forgiving with your parents, friends, etc. while you’re going through a tough or lonely time?

Dream of giving coins

Giving money to someone in a dream indicates that you are emotionally and physically drained. It’s possible that you’re too occupied with your job or school to get adequate sleep.

Working hard is beneficial, but if you become sick from it, you’ll be in a poor spot. Rest up before you start feeling sick to your stomach.

What is the state of mind when you dream of pennies?

To dream of pennies is generally a portent of a period of modest prosperity. It’s nothing that will fundamentally alter your life, but it might make you feel like you’ve had a good day or at least a pleasant one.

To dream of receiving loose change from a kind friend or witnessing coins raining down from the heavens is a portent of good fortune. Dreaming about placing old pennies in a money box is a good omen for a happy marriage since both represent the unexpected arrival of good fortune.

Be wary if you have nightmares about new pennies, damaged pennies, or stockpiling pennies; all three portend a fall in luck or a lack of confidence.

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